Sidegigs for Superheroes

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How it works


Patients get prescriptions for infusions that keep them happy and healthy


Float nurses are notified of opportunities to administer infusions at patients' homes


By infusing patients at home, Float nurses keep patients out of overcrowded hospitals

This isn’t your day job

You get paid for each assignment - allowing you to focus on your patient, give them the care they need, and then move on to the next gig, or not. You choose when to work, how many assignments to take, and how much you make.

You've got the skills

Years of experience, breadth of knowledge, and technical acumen make you valuable - especially to patients who benefit from care in their homes. With Float you have the independence to put your skills to good use, for good money.

“Thank you so much. I'm really enjoying Float, y'all are so nice, charting is easy, I like the dashboard and the patients are great!”

RN from San Diego, CA

Getting started with Float

  1. Complete the contact form to tell us a bit about yourself
  2. Onboarding: Learn all about picking up home visits through Float
  3. Preceptor Visits: see what home visits are like first-hand, then start taking your own!

Sidegigs for superheroes

Get paid more and ditch the burnout. Decline the extra hospital shift and pick up short home medication visits with Float.